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Diamond cut alloy refurbishment

Alloy Repair

We can repair one alloy or four. Done at your home or work in a day.

We can work on some really damaged alloys and bring them back to life be it a small chip or kurbed all the way round we can help. 

We can help sort out those unsightly curb marks scratches and chips on your alloys. polishing out chips in the outer edge and scratches across the wheel. refurbishing the alloy back to its former self.


Be it diamond cut or silver alloys we can help. 

We can also offer a full colour change to a colour of your liking.

The cost for repairing Alloys depends on how much damage there is.


 A good rule of thumb is how long is the scratch on the alloy if it is around 10 cm then you will be looking at the lower end if the scratch is all the way around the wheel and in to the spokes you will be looking at a little bit more.


The current Alloy repair cost is around £ 50 to around £75

Call or Whats app today for a free quote.

Alloy wheel repair
Alloy wheel refurbishment
Alloy wheel repair
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