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We offer a underseal service, all old vans and especially campers can do with a little attention underneath.

Prices from only £299 we can help waxoyl the bottom of your van or car.


This helps seal and increases the life span of the vehicle we will spray in all box sections and into door crevices helping stopping rust from the inside out. 

Please Call today for any more information or a quote on your vehicle. 

Car with Rust and Corrosion, damage from road salt.jpg
  • Steam clean the undercarriage.

  • Clean using Salt remover and traffic film remover.

  • Removal of wheels

  • Dry the vehicle 

  • Application of protective film.

  • Underbody and Cavities primed with Waxyol 

  • Injection of all cavities with Waxyol.

  • Sills, subframes, door pillars, doors, quarter panels, bonnets and boot/hatch doors all injected.

  • Underbody coated with Waxyol underbody rustproofing.

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