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We offer different mobile body repairs an idea of how we cost your repair is below we also have some more commonly asked questions here "Questions"

Mobile scratch repairs cost less as we come to your home or business to repair different things such as stone chip repairs, car scratch repairs, alloy repairs, bumper scuff repairs, wing mirror repairs, etc.

We can repair minor dents on your vehicle be it door dents bumper wings or on other panels. The cost of repairing dents depends on how deep they are and if they effect one or more panels.

Sometimes there are deep scratches on your vehicle and these will have gone through to the metal. Deep car scratch repair cost will change depending on the length of the scratch and the panels it covers.


Stone chip repair cost will change on a few factors including the amount of chips and the different areas affected.


We offer the latest SMART scratch repair system.


The Smart scratch repair cost are a lot less than a body shop SMART repair means Small to Medium Area Repair Technology, which translates to we paint just the damage on the vehicle with careful blending we can reduce the amount of area we paint saving you money.

Please call or Whats app today for a free quote.

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